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  • Data Science Serverless - on Land, Sea and in the cloud.

Data Science Serverless - on Land, Sea and in the cloud.

Data Science Serverless - on Land, Sea and in the cloud.

    Port of Rotterdam


    19 Nov, 2018

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Serverless on the sea: The port of Rotterdam is going hard to catch a front row in world wide port logistics using the newest serverless technologies in the cloud. In two talks you’ll learn how we process and handle this data to drive a couple of innovative data driven applications.

Serverless in the cloud: This talk shows you how to build a datalake that allows Data Scientists to query raw data fast and serverless in the cloud. With AWS Glue, Data Catalogue, Athena and QuickSight.

Parkingticketless on land: An idea how to never ever pay for your parking ticket ever again. Full of Data Science, Machine Learning and the YOLO algorithm.

We are happy to have the port of Rotterdam host this meetup


17:30 walk-in

18:00 food

19:00 talks

21:00 drinks

Talk 1:

Going Serverless at Port of Rotterdam

To increase the transparency of available shipping options through Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam has been developing an online service called Navigate. Navigate tries to give a complete overview of the most efficient routes through Rotterdam, be it by deep-sea, short-sea, rail or barge. The data processing (ETL) for Navigate currently runs on a multi-tenant, private cloud environment. A Spark cluster is used for the series of batch processing. In this meetup we will talk about our departure from this environment and into the public cloud on AWS. We adopt a serverless approach in order to keep developmental and running costs low, and to provide our applications with the required scaling and resilience features necessary to run in production. Our languages of choice are Java and Scala.

Speakers: David J. Lopez Penha and Arno Broekhof

Talk 2:

Streaming AIS events at Port of Rotterdam

In this talk we will present a system that processes all the ship movements in the Port of Rotterdam with Radar and AIS. We show how to combine and process these streams realtime to be usable for reports about pollution, ship movements and visits.

The system is implemented with Apache Kafka, Apache Nifi and as main programming language Scala. Each of the components in the system run on a Kubernetes cluster in order to achieve the required uptime. We will discuss how we made this implementation a success despite some very challenging technical and functional requirements..

Speaker: Pieter van der Meer

Talk 3:

Ease of developing and deploying end-to-end Analytics with AWS Serverless, Fully Managed, and Cloud-Optimized Stacks

For a data-driven enterprise its not enough just to have analytics capability but it’s also vital that they shorten the feedback-loop for their analytics use-cases and Data Science experiments.

With AWS new serverless and integrated analytics stack, along with the right architectural choices, we can optimize our Data Engineering efforts and calibrate our focus on the analytics areas where maximum impact and value can be created.

In this talk we will show you how an enterprise of any size can build its augmented data lake and analytics capabilities using AWS Glue, Data Catalogue, Athena and QuickSight.

We will also demonstrate Athena integration capability with R Studio, which is very handy for Data Scientists.

Speaker: Krishna Balaram Singh

Talk 4:

No more parking tickets!

We’ll tell you a story about how we plan to disrupt Dutch parking sector. Thanks to image recognition and neural networks “the machine” is capable of detecting objects around itself. This means also the scanning cars of the city of Rotterdam.

During the talk we’ll tell you more about our challenges and findings so far. Also, we’ll elaborate on YOLO (You Only Look Once) algorithm which is the brains in our architecture.

And yes! All cool big data hype terminology will be discussed during this talk.

#machine learning #big data #self-learning #AI #skynet

Finally, if time allows us, we would like to have a discussion about the ethics behind this all.

Speakers: Bogdan Ivtsjenko & Jurriaan Biesheuvel

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Jurriaan Biesheuvel

Bogdan Ivtsjenko

Krishna Balaram Singh

Pieter van der Meer

Arno Broekhof

David J. Lopez Penha

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