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  • Identity and Beyond & How to manage your secrets in a dynamic multi cloud world

Identity and Beyond & How to manage your secrets in a dynamic multi cloud world

Identity and Beyond & How to manage your secrets in a dynamic multi cloud world

    Dataworkz offices


    04 Oct, 2018

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Dataworkz invites you to an exciting evening on the topic of Identity and its particular challenges in current times and beyond. We are proud to have Nicolas Corrarello (head of regional Solutions Engineering) from Hashicorp discussing the particular challenges of managing secrets in the cloud. If you have heard about Terraform, Consul and Nomad, here’s your chance to take a deep dive into secrets management with Vault. In our second talk we bring data engineering and data science together and move beyond face id and fingerprinting - and how we know who you are by how you type.

Beyond the Identity Server - Lennard Eijsackers (Dataworkz)

The most common techniques for identifying a user can be grouped in three categories:

Something you know - a password - is not enough anymore in this day and age. Username and Password dumps are circulating the Dark Web.

Something you have - a physical device you bring along is a hassle - and can be stolen or cloned.

Something you are - a fingerprint or your face - seems to become the safest and most convenient solution. But what if your device doesn’t support fingerprinting or face id?

Keystroke Dynamics measures the natural pattern and manner in which a user types on a keyboard. This pattern can be used to verify the user’s identity. A user is enrolled into a system by asking the user to repeat a short sentence (or a username or password) a couple of times in order to collect these patterns. These patterns can then be used to discern the real user from a fake user that has stolen the username and password combination.

In this presentation you will learn the requirements for a keystroke dynamics based authentication system. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of Keystroke Dynamics. We will discuss training a model to differentiate users based on their distinct typing patterns. Finally, you will see a proposed architecture for a real time keystroke dynamics architecture.

How to manage your secrets in a dynamic multi cloud world - Nico Corrarello (Hashicorp)

Who or what do you trust in your cloud as the basis for your secrets management? The host, the base of trust on-premises, cannot be trusted in the cloud. But what can be trusted?

The shift from static, on-premise, infrastructure to dynamic, multi-provider infrastructure changes the approach to security. Security in static infrastructure relies on dedicated servers, static IP addresses, and a clear network perimeter. Security in dynamic infrastructure is defined by short lived applications in containers and servers, trusted sources of user and application identity, and software-based encryption.There is no perimeter to protect with your firewall as with an on premise environment. Ensuring safe secrets management becomes a challenge.

In this session Nicolas Corrarello will talk about how to manage secrets in the diverse environments. He will show how to reduce the chance that secrets gets compromised and demonstrates how to reduce the impact of compromised secrets if this happens.

Nicolas Corrarello is Regional Director Solutions Engineering at Hashicorp, is an open source enthusiast and when time allows he is still committing to the Vault OSS project. He helps companies with overcoming the challenges of infrastructure automation for the cloud. And if you follow his Twitter @nomadic_geek, you’ll learn that he is a huge Star Trek fan.


4 October 2018

18:00 Food

18:30 Talk 1: Beyond the Identity Server

19:30 Talk 2: How to manage your secrets in a dynamic multi cloud world

20:30 Drinks

Event sprekers

Arno Broekhof

guest speaker: Nicolas Corrarello, Hashicorp

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