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Data science
  • Guitar: I’m an avid music listener and I play guitar since forever.
  • Running shoe: When I manage to go running regularly, I’m a nicer person.
  • Wine: I like to enjoy some good wine with friends. Mostly red, mostly Italian.
  • Earphones: Wireless earphones are my favourite gadget, I love that I can listen to music and podcasts anywhere with no hassle.
  • Spoons: Cooking is my mindfulness practice.
  • Books: The book by Warner was my introduction to differential geometry, the field of mathematics that I specialised in. I picked the other book, weapons of math destruction, because I believe that numbers and data should be handled with care.
  • Chisel: I like to build things, virtual and phisical. In the past couple of years I picked up woodworking and built a few guitars.