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Data engineer
  • Chocolate: I have a bit of a sweet tooth and like to show my colors from time to time.
  • Spirit Island: Boardgames are a long-standing hobby of mine. While I enjoy all sorts of competitive games, Spirit Island is an outstanding example of a challenging and fun cooperative game that keeps me hooked for more.
  • Framework Laptop: On one hand a work tool, on the other a symbol for more repairability and sustainability and one of the few technical accessories I’m actually proud to carry around and show off.
  • Longboard: My first longboard. It has an angled front axis and smooth bushings to support long distance pumping, a technique where you shift your weight on the board to propel yourself forward without touching the ground with your foot. When I’m in for a workout, I can go 50km in a day.
  • Headphones: Listening to music can help me concentrate and relax. While in the train, I often listen to podcasts to keep myself up to date on politics and other topics.
  • Backpack: I use this one for my daily commutes but also for trips and vacations. It’s the perfect size for bringing all that I need as hand baggage.