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Data engineer
  • Book One hundred years of solitude: I love to read, especially books that make me think like “1984”, “Crime and punishment” and “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.
  • Plectrum: I’ve played guitar since I was twelve years old. From country to metal and from electric to spanish guitar I love to play it all.
  • Chess trophy: I will always be bitter about coming in second in my first chess tournament when I was nine due to not knowing that when your opponent cannot set any moves you draw.
  • Spoons: I like to travel around the world and when I do so I take with me a spoon from that area.
  • Pen & Paper: Writing is essentially making a whole world inside your mind and transcribing it to paper. I enjoy writing short stories and fantasy.
  • Ear buds: Music is my life really. It helps me vent, concentrate, grieve, party… It is like a red wire throughout my entire life. Therefore, to take music with me in my pocket is godsend.
  • MacBook: Coding, much like writing, can scratch that need of wanting to create. I love to facilitate and build entire applications or pipelines and see how they improve existing flows.