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Data science
  • Kettlebell: I like working out, either at home or in the gym. You can find me in the free weights section of the gym at least three times per week.
  • Bouldering shoes: These worn out boys helped me puzzle my way up to the wall quite a few times.
  • Boardgame: I like playing boardgames. I prefer the long nerdy kind such as Shadows over Camelot, Twilight Imperium or Diplomacy. The game displayed is a weird, German and a masterpiece. Let me know if you wanna play!
  • Beer: IPA’s at craft beer festivals, white beer downtown in summer, a normal beer in an old-fashioned café or a cheap can of lukewarm beer at a festival. For every place and time there is a suitable beer!
  • Masters of Hardcore: When I have to relax really hard and the gym won’t cut it anymore there is only one option left; punching the air at a party such as Masters of Hardcore or Thunderdome!
  • Candy: What can I say, I really like candy!