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Data engineer
  • Headphones: I love listening to a wide range of music, especially when working as it helps me concentrate. I listen to everything from 70s and 80s rock to EDM.
  • Little book of facts: I love learning new things, from the useful new concepts to useless facts and titbits of knowledge in books such as these.
  • Coffee Cups: Although I’m not a big tea fan, I am a big coffee fan, especially good espressos, and for me it is the start of any good day.
  • London Dubble Decker Bus: Studying in the UK for 3 years was one of the best experiences of my life and has left me with a lot of habits, although I’m still not a big tea fan.
  • Puzzle: I love challenging myself with a new puzzle, both physical and mental puzzles. During Corona-time when working from home, fiddling with such puzzles also helps me concentrate during meetings.