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Data science
  • ‘De dikke Heij’: Also known as the Econometric bible, always an Econometrician by heart. The foundation of my education.
  • Kahlua Matcha: Essential part of a variation of my favourite cocktail, the Espresso Martini. Only sold in Japan, brought by a good friend of mine.
  • European Bartender School Certificate: Proud owner of an EBS certificate which I gained in New York during a one-month school. Although I pursued a different career path, I still love to experiment with various recipes now and then.
  • Mexican Elbow: Favourite bartender tool, best way to get the maximum amount of juice out of fruits or citruses.
  • Cocktail Shaker: Hard to make cocktails without a shaker, although Gin and Tonic is technically a cocktail.
  • MATLAB 7: This book is where this hobby all started, although I do not write MATLAB anymore.
  • Red Envelope: My heritage prescribes giving red envelopes filled with money during special occasions. All nouns in the previous sentence are elements I find important.
  • FAECTOR Dices: Represents my love for playing games. Board games or computer games, I am always in. I do easily get addicted though.
  • Anatomical Eye Model: Reminds me of my partner and her job. The respect I have for what she does daily can’t be described. Always played and continues to play an important role in my life.
  • Rotterdam Starbucks Mug: Proud citizen of the city located in the center of the world. I am also quite fond of coffee, even Starbucks. Although overpriced, you know what you pay for. This mug was a good-bye gift by my dear colleagues of my first (proper) job.